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I've been learning ASP cuz it's looking as if I may go back to the office, which is a windows shop.

"But wait, our biggest client is HP, their websites sit on top of Unix, running perl 4 right?"

"Yes, but we're a windows shop!"


So, here I am leaning ASP. Blah! ASP sucks! Maybe I'm wrong, but after putzing with it for 2 days I'm not impressed. It doesn't feel like a full programming language, you just have some objects that you can play with giving you access to the server's information.

I did findout however that JavaScript coupled with ASP, as opposed to VBScript, is much more tolerable. VBScript is so weird.

Example, say I want to get someone's name from a web form. What if they don't leave a name and that's ok, we don't need one, well, how do I assign an alternative value if no name is given...

# in perl...

my $var = param('name') || 'no name';

'in VBScript .. with may be a bit wrong syntaticly, but gets
'the point across

dim name
if Response.querystring("name") <> "" then
name = Response.querystring("name")
name = "no name"

"But wait", you say, "Just assign the variable like you did in the perl!"

or returns 1 or 0 in VBScript, not the value that returned true.

I still need to play around and learn JavaScript more, It's fun. I'm having trouble finding a slick way to iterate thru an array, or better yet, Array, but it's not so bad a VBScript, plus it's more compatible on the client side.

more info on the ASP, Windows Update to come.

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