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Ok, so I think I have redhat 9 now! As it's now the official release day that would make sense huh? Anyway, So Bit Torrent wasn't exactly an answer to my prayers. There is a known bug in the program, errr, rather, my hardware doesn't fully support this killer app. Which piece of hardware you ask, ahhh, it's not that important for *downloading*, just my NIC!!!! Even the FAQ says that that Linksys NIC's will blue screen your computer. BUt wait, ther's only a fix for the v5 Linksys NIC's, us with v4 are stuck with the bug and no fix. Well, I had to babysit my computer from 4:30am-6:30am and I *think* I got the whole thing downloaded. I think in2 hours my pooter BSOD'd on me 3 times. NOW DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHY I'M DOWNLOADING LINUX. I don't ever wanna use WinBloze again! But I'm not really ready to switch from Photoshop to Photoshop under a linux imulator. I'm just waiting for someone to port the Mac OS X build over to Linux. Also, I do some flash stuff here and there, when oh when will macromedia make flash for linux? Never if they get bought out by macromedia.... but that's another story.
Anyway, so I have the redhat 9 CD's and all I need now are a few hours to get his installed. Mind you, I did a dual boot install of redhat 7.3 on winXp with no problems, however I had some probs with 8, hopefully those bugs have been worked out of 9.


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