look at me, I'm a C# programmer!

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using System;
namespace HelloWorld
  class HelloWorld
      static void Main()
          System.Console.WriteLine(" Hello World! ");
Look at me, I'm programming in C#! Ok, I'm not really a C# programmer, but I'm trying to pick it up as it seems to be in demand. I just wanna familarize myself enough with it so I won't feel bad puting it on a resume.

Yes, I'm working on my resume.

Crazy how all of last week (notice I was so busy I didn't post) I was only booting into RedHat 9, and trying my hardest to get away from M$. I've never turned such a 180 in so short a time. How sad.


Steve Lyons said:

I learned something new also:
# Rules for dating

who | grep -i $pref;
date; cd ~; unzip; touch;
strip; finger; uptime; mount;
gasp; more; more; yes;
unmount; sleep;

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