looks like we went to war today.

everyone I talk to seems to think that there are 2 people in the world, those that are PRO war and those that are ANTI war. Can you believe the stupidity? Is war so cut and dry? Going into war isn't a programmed decision like flushing the toilet after a crap.

I am in favor of the US's presence in the middle east right now. Does that make me PRO war? no!

War is what righteous nations do after they have done all that they can do to persuade a dangerous nation to abandon threats to human rights. War sometimes is the means of protecting your freedoms. For 12 years the world has been lied to by sadam. For 12 years he has not complied with resolutions and agreements he made. For 12 years he has been deceiving the world in order to follow out with his evil agenda

I categorized this post under home. There is no war currently in my home, however everyone in the world should have a little more peace of mind , a little more security, a little more comfort in their hearts when they rest their heads on their pillows in their homes tonight.

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