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WakeUp Juice

As a kid when I'd spend the night over at my friend's house we'd try our best to stay awake as long as we could. We'd usually crash by one or so. One night we conjured up a secret drink esteemed to keep anyone awake.

The recipe:

  • Orange Juice
  • Tabasco Sauce
  • Ketchup
  • Coke
  • anything else nasty you can find in the kitchen

We named it "WakeUp Juice". It didn't really work, but it sure was nasty.

Fast forward to the next millennium.

Last night I was faced with the task of much coding. I've taken on quite a few projects lately which I don't exactly have the time to do. Well, not during sane hours anyway. So I've been pounding out as much as I can on these projects as often as occasion will permit. Which has been either never, or late into the night.

Last night I had a ton of work before me, I'd already spent 3 hours in front of the PC, I was sleepy and wanted to go to bed.

With no natural energy, or motivation left in me to move me to productivity I jumped in the CRV and headed to the little drive-thru convenience store down the road to get something to slurp on to keep me awake. I didn't realize it yet, but I was on the verge of perfecting the ultimate WakeUp juice.

Well, 4 hours later I'm proud to report that I've finally found the true recipe for keeping one's self awake at night.

Click to view the recipe.

I wonder how I'll feel in 2.5 hours when I have to wake up?