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Ruby on Rails

Rails looks VERY interesting, it's more than a web application framework, it's everything needed to create a database backed web application. It's freaky, crazy, cool! Watch this video to get a grasp of the power of rails.

Rails is a full-stack, open-source web framework in Ruby for writing real-world applications with joy and less code than most frameworks spend doing XML sit-ups.

I've watched a video on Perl's Catalyst, and the Ruby Rails example was much more understandable, and I don't even know Ruby.

The only drawback to learning this ( for me ) would be 1) learning Ruby and 2) learning the rails API. One reason I'm in web development is for the money. Rails seems like it would have a great *long term* payoff for developers. Unfortunatly, learning new technologies don't pay this month's car note, quick turn-around PHP + MySQL sites do.

Comments like these, however give me hope.

Update: I found a host, TextDrive from the makers of TextPattern, that offer high-value hosting with RoR support! {Ahem} Are you listening pair? {grin}

Update 2: I have a headache after finishing the intro to Programming Ruby. There are many similarities to Perl, yet many differences. It will take some time for my brain to think in Ruby.

Update 3: After learning about Rails I now have a better understanding of the whole concept. I went back and watched the Catalyst video over again and it (Catalyst) makes a whole lot more sense now.